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What Are the Different Kinds of Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Carpet plays an integral role in the interior décor of one’s home. A beautiful rug can change the overall look of your house or a specific room, making the space look pleasant and comfortable. The core purpose of keeping carpets in drawing rooms, living rooms, hall spaces, and bedrooms is to insulate the floor and add a sense of aesthetics to the household.

Consistent maintenance can enhance a carpet’s lifespan, retaining the newness and freshness of the space. In order to clean a carpet/rug, you need to learn about various types of carpet cleaning methods implemented by commercial carpet cleaning companies Rochester and understand which technique will work the best for your carpet. The blog will discuss different carpet cleaning methods prevalent in the current market and which ones to choose for your carpets.

Different Kinds of Professional Carpet Cleaning 

Steam Carpet Cleaning

The cleaning method, also known as hot water extraction, uses high-pressured hot water to stir the carpet fiber and dissolve dust and dirt. The professional steam carpet cleaning involves a cleaning agent on the carpet surface, ruffling the carpet with a brush, and a complete water wash. As the cleaning agents start working within the carpet fibers, the cleaning equipment is used to rinse the carpet thoroughly. After completing the process, the carpet is left to dry air-conditioned or at room temperature. One can search for the leading Rochester carpet steam cleaner professionals to avail high-quality steam cleaning services.

Dry Powder Cleaning

Dry powder cleaning uses a natural, soft cleaning component and blends it with water, detergent, and solvent. The mixture is sprinkled all over the carpet to create clumps. The clumps function like sponges that absorb the dirt and debris from the carpet.

After some time, the clumps are removed from the carpet surfaces. The method is not a deep clean one as it extracts dirt only from the surface. The process is apt for commercial cleaning purposes.

Bonnet Cleaning 

The bonnet cleaning process cleans the surface effectively using a motorized machine with a spinning pad dipped in a cleaning solution that absorbs debris from the carpet surface. The method is popular in hotels because it provides a quick solution and dries it fast without causing inconvenience to the hotel guests.

Again like dry powder cleaning, bonnet cleaning is not a deep clean process. Due to this reason, the dirt and dust will appear on the surface within a short period and leave chemical remnants in the carpets as the heavy motor machine plunges the chemicals and debris into the carpet. Search for the commercial carpet cleaning prices in Rochester, and choose the one based on your affordability.


The encapsulation cleaning process uses synthetic detergents as a base that will transform into powder when dries. The dirt and dust in the carpet fibers turn into powder after applying the cleaning foam. Finally, the carpet is brushed to remove the dirt.

The technique has been recognized as eco-friendly as it involves fewer chemical residues. Due to some technological restrictions, the method cannot clean heavy-soling carpets. It offers quality home carpet cleaning in Rochester.

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