What is the Best Way to Clean Tile and Grout?

The tiles at home with time will get dirty or discolored, but this does not mean that you have to replace them. With proper cleaning, you will be able to get them sparkling clean. In fact, you can look for tile and grout cleaning in Rochester, NY, and hire an expert professional for the job. No doubt it will work great, but there are some people who want to try out the DIY technique. So the guide here has mentioned the details.

Cleaning the grout

No doubt, the grout at home is quite difficult to maintain. This is because of the stains, which are quite common. You might favor the white and light color of the tiles, but when it gets dirty, you must take proper measures to clean grout, especially since the main floor of the home is generally affected by the dirt that gets trapped within. While in the bathroom, it can be due to mildew. When you are suffering from this, it can lead to different health concerns, which is why it is essential to call an expert for tile cleaning in Rochester. No doubt you might have the urge to handle the process on your own, but calling experts twice a year will greatly improve the longevity and ensure the safety of all.

The best technique you can use at home to clean the ground includes.

  • Mix one cup of baking soda with hydrogen peroxide. Make sure you do this while wearing gloves
  • Put it on the floor either using the spray bottle or you can even make use of an old toothbrush. Once you are done, make sure you let it rest for about 15 minutes
  • Now, you need to scrub away the entire area using your toothbrush. Make sure you read every nook and corner. Finally, using warm water will help eradicate all the dirt from inside.
  • In case you have large tiled floors, then instead of scrubbing, you can make a purchase of a good steam mop or a cleaner that can help you ease out the process.

No doubt, the process might seem easy, but it can be quite complicated. So it will be better to call experts for bathroom tiles cleaning in Rochester, NY, that have got proper ideas and experience to handle the cleaning. Further, you can consider purchasing a nice steam cleaner in Rochester to handle your regular cleaning and maintenance job for the tiles.


The tiles at home can be quite complicated to maintain. The best you can do is call an expert for shower tile cleaning in Rochester, NY, at least twice a year to maintain its longevity. Besides this, your regular cleaning is what will help you. So do not hesitate to take out time to perform the cleaning job. When done properly, you will be able to maintain your tiles for years and enjoy a fresh look. Remember, with a simple search for tile cleaning in Rochester; you will be able to hire a reliable company for your services.

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